Watch and Pray

Faith Like Potatoes

What a blessing it is to come away from a movie being uplifted and blessed by the Lord!

Ryan and I just finished watching "Faith Like Potatoes."

It's a true story about an ordinary african farmer who was transformed by God. His wild passion for God was fertile ground for Kingdom building! Through his trust in the Lord he saw many miracles happen thus drawing more people to God's Kingdom. It is a truly inspirational story, and we recommend it as a quality piece of entertainment/ministry.


Watch and Pray Bloggers

Watch and Pray Bloggers
Ryan and CamieLee

Watch and Pray

We have witnessed some amazing testimonies in our lives and in the lives of those we love, so we've decided to share them through the avenue of a blog.

It was a vision of ours to create a place where others could share their testimonies for both encouragement and prophecy. To continue, we have learned a lot about how God loves to heal his people through the Gospels. Therefore, we will also be including insights we've been taught about the healing power of God. It is our hope you will be blessed and prepared as you journey through life!

- Ryan & CamieLee